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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Hair Washing Service and Hair Cuts?

No, we are not a full service salon, therefore we do not offer hair cuts. We do offer wash/blowdry service for an additional fee and a seperate service must be booked. CLIENT MUST ARRIVE WITH CLEAN AND DRY HAIR IF THEY DO NOT BOOK WASH SERVICE

Do you offer Private Home Hair Services?

Yes only during our slow season. Client will be subject to a Travel Fee of $50 local with 12 miles of 32803 or $100 for long distance travel fee. Individuals must contact Shauna Hart for specific dates.

What are your Hours and Location?

We are open 8:30am - 7pm Monday - Saturday only, excluding Holidays and Group Classes Closed Sundays Location: East Oralando 5 minutes away from Fashion Square Mall and Semoran Blvd. 4401 E. Colonial Dr. Suite 106E Orlando, FL 32803

How do I make Appointments & is there a Deposit required?

Appointments are made on our website. Click on the BOOK SERVICE TAB. Choose style options based on natural hairstyles length and wiidth of hair, extensions added, and age. Deposits: A $15 deposit is required for services under $100, A $25 deposit is required for services over $100

What Braiding Hair is Best to Use?

We prefer individuals to buy the best quality hair for better outcome of braids. If you decide to bring poor quality hair, we have the right to refuse or reschedule appointment. Best Quality Hair Brands Required: 1) EZBRAID PROFESSIONAL - PRE-STRETCHED PRE-LAYERED 2) FRETRESS OR QUEEN B - PRE STRETCHED HAIR 3) SOUL SISTER YAKI PERM BRAIDING HAIR

What Ages do you accecpt?

Age 4 and up girls and boys

Do you Accept Clients with Challanging Hair & Scalp

On a case by case basis. If your scalp has eczema, alopecia, scalp wounds or problematic areas, please contact Shauna Hart directly for a consultation before booking appointment.

Will you Charge an Extra Fee for Matted/Tangled Hair?

Yes there will be an extra fee between $25-$75 depending on severity of childs hair. If child's hair is not up to policy standards you will told what extra services are needed before hairstyling.